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Tree Canopies Impact on your Lawn

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Posted on: Jun 05, 2020Raunie


Tree Canopies are lovely to have surrounding your property. however, you may ask the question, why is my lawn thin and sparse? One common reason for this is due to large trees being on the property. This creates a canopy above that can block out rainfall and sunlight. These two elements are key to a thick lush lawn and because the tree is naturally taller it takes in everything it needs first leaving little left for the grass below. So how can we get trees and lawns working together to create your backyard paradise? We’ve got a few tips to pass along.

Build a small garden around the tree and fill it with mulch

By building a garden you are essentially protecting the tree and making it feel safe. When that happens the tree doesn’t feel the need to compete with the grass and therefore sharing the surrounding air, water and nutrients.

Regular and proper watering

Trees under 10ft should be watered as much as you water the grass. Trees Over 10ft –retain enough moisture to sustain itself between rainfalls. The grass should be watered at least twice per week for an hour in each areas to help build a strong root system

Deep root tree and shrub feeding each fall

This, again, helps provide nutrients directly to the tree itself rather than have it scrounge the surrounding area to be able to grow. This keeps the grass from starving in favour of the tree and also allows for the trees and lawns to work together creating and.

Regular pruning of the trees

This helps your trees grow strong while still allowing beneficial light to pass through to itself as well as your grass. While the goal is to reduce your tree canopies throughout your yard, please always refer to a professional for this level of maintenance. Remember, the bigger the tree, the further the fall. Please be safe and contact a professional arborist to help your trees grow strong and beautiful while not putting yourself at risk.


Your outdoor space should be an oasis, and trees are an important part of that. It is always beneficial to have your spaces blend well with each other without one dominating the other. The simple fact is trees are both bigger and stronger than grass, so grass will never win. But with these simple tips it can really help these two pieces of nature live harmoniously to create a diverse and rich outdoor environment.