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Tree Planting Tips for Those Looking to Add Shade to Their Yard

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Posted on: Feb 13, 2019Jordyn Rowntree

Trees don’t just have to be an aesthetic or environmental choice, they can also be a practical one. When summer rolls around and you want to make the most of it by spending as much time as you can in your yard, the constant glare of the sun might become a hindrance to that end. That’s where trees come in. Here are some tree planting tips for those of you looking to add some shade to your yard.

Plant the Right Tree

The most important tree planting tip is to plant the right tree. When trying to get shade out of your tree, you need to pick the right one. Not all trees are made equal and some provide much better cover than others, these trees are known as shade trees. With that said, you also want to consider just how much of your yard you want in shade, as shade trees can vary greatly in size.

Thus, you want to select a tree that sufficiently protects you from the sun with the density of its foliage, as well as gives you the right amount of yard cover with the spread of its crown. Moreover, the speed of growth can be another factor worth looking into depending on how fast you want your yard shade, as some shade trees like the Weeping Willow and the American Sycamore will grow faster than others.

Consider the Factors

There is a long list of factors that you need to consider before planting a shade tree. A couple of those factors, coverage, and speed of growth, we’ve already addressed, but there are several others worth noting.

These factors include: whether a tree sheds its leaves seasonally and if it stays sunny into the fall; the expected lifespan of the tree; the potential added moisture in the air near the tree (especially relevant if you plan on planting more than one); and the ability of tree roots to damage nearby foundations such as footpaths, your house, or even the plumbing.


This is an obvious tree planting tip but needs stating nonetheless. Position the tree within the area of your yard you want covered. There is a little more to this than it might seem, as you want to place the tree with an eye for the various angles of the rising and setting sun and consideration for when you’ll be out in your yard most often.