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What should your lawn cutting service include?

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Posted on: Feb 13, 2019Jordyn Rowntree

Deciding upon a lawn cutting service shouldn’t be a perfunctory act. How your grass is cut lays the very foundation of your lawn’s looks and health. With this in mind, it’s vital that you know just what your grass cutting service should include so that you aren’t getting shortchanged and so that your lawn is getting the most out of the service. So, just what should your lawn cutting service be including?

To get the obvious out of the way, a grass cutting service should, of course, include reputable and well-reviewed lawn mowing. It should be known not only for cutting grass so that a lawn looks aesthetically pleasing but it should also be known for ensuring a lawn remains healthy as a result of the mowing. That means the grass should not be cut too short and should be cut the right length according to the time of year.

Besides the actual mowing of grass, what’s expected of a lawn cutting service becomes wildly subjective.

After all, if all you’re after is a well-cut lawn and nothing more, then simply that might be enough for you. However, other things do matter, factors that you might be overlooking. For example, edging goes very well with mowing, both in terms of lawn looks and health, so that is something you might want to be included in your grass cutting service.

Building off that, you might want the clippings on your lawn, after it has been mowed, removed and stored, so that they can be used down the line for either mulching or compost. Or, conversely, you might the clippings removed and disposed of entirely if you won’t be using them.

Another factor to consider is whether the grass cutting service keeps an eye on your lawn for things besides grass length, such as spotting signs of over or under watering, weeds, grubs, pests, or anything else that could be having a negative impact on your lawn. However, you might have a lot of confidence in the other elements of your lawn’s maintenance besides cutting and thus not care about this factor.

Ultimately, the things that a lawn cutting service should include are dependent on the lawn and the individual.

You have to honestly evaluate the condition of your lawn and what you’re willing to do for it yourself when deciding what a grass cutting service should include. Time, money, effort, expertise, and much more can all play a role when deciding a lawn cutting service – choose according to your needs.