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What To Look For In A Lawn Care Program?

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Posted on: Feb 07, 2022Luis M Pérez

Check Reputation

One of the best ways to check a lawn care company is to check their online reviews. There are plenty of good resources online for doing this, such as Google, Facebook, and the Better Business Bureau. When looking for online reviews, it’s generally okay if they are not all 5 Star. However, no company is perfect, so if a company only has 5-star reviews, the chances are you may not be seeing the full gamut of consumer reports.

Are They Licensed And Insured?

Being a licensed and insured lawn care company is a must. But it’s not the standard. I bet you know somebody who pays under the table for lawn care. We’re suggesting you might want to stop that practice for a couple of reasons. One, if they’re licensed and insured, then you know they’ve dedicated their life’s work to be a professional.

How long have they been in business, and do they have insurance? If a company has been in business for a long time, they are not just trying to make a quick buck on the side.  Additionally– and more importantly – if they get injured on your property, you’ll likely be liable. Not only that, if their mower hucks a rock through your window, their insurance won’t cover the damage. So please, for your protection, hire a licensed and insured company. 

Do They Require Contracts?

In the lawn care industry, it’s a commonplace to require lengthy contracts. Don’t be surprised if your lawn care company asks for this. However, we do not follow this practice. A good company will accommodate. They’ll be confident that their excellent work will keep you with them for a long time to come. For your protection, choose a company that will let you cancel at any time. 

Hire A Company Or DIY?

Did you know that DIY lawn care costs more than hiring a professional company to do it for you? On top of material costs, the next significant expense to any DIY project is the mistakes one learns along the way. Unfortunately, these mistakes can often cost more than having professionals take the reins!

Fertilizers can do a lot of damage if misapplied. For instance, if accidentally spilled, it can burn the surrounding grass. The cost might include applying seed, soil, and, most importantly, water to the affected areas. Nobody is perfect, and mistakes sometimes happen, even with professionals. These unexpected oops’ are an additional expense to factor into the DIY lawn care budget, whereas any professional company should fix any unforeseen accident-free of charge.

The same considerations are true for weed control. If improperly handled, it can result in permanent soil degradation causing more energy to be spent by digging out the area and replacing the soil altogether. You put a lot of time, energy, and hard-earned dollars into your property. Why not leave it to the pros?

The Best Choice

Whether you choose Dr. Green Services or any of our competitors, it just makes more sense to use a professional. It costs less, the products are better, and the work should be guaranteed. But, most importantly, the lawn care technicians are professionally trained to deal with anything that may arise when maintaining your lawn.


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