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When Can I Cut My Lawn After a Service?

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Posted on: Jul 03, 2020Raunie

“When can I cut my lawn?” is one of the most common questions we get after one of our clients receives an application.

The Short Answer:

It is always best to cut your lawn the following day to allow for the product to fully adhere to the weeds to receive the best of the application.

The Long Answer:

It is important not to cut the lawn immediately after a weed control application. This is because when applying Fiesta, the leaves of the weeds require a thorough coating to penetrate and deliver the product to the root system. This effectively supresses future growth and eliminates the existing weed. So, when that coating is disrupted during the drying process, it slows the progression significantly and may even stop its effectiveness completely.

Common cutting practices to keep in mind throughout the growing season
  • It is key to only remove a maximum of ½ an inch of the grass blade with each cut. Any more will stress the grass out and create brown or discoloured areas throughout your lawn.
  • Always remember to sharpen your mower blade at least once per year
    • The best analogy we have is that when our hair gets split ends it is not as healthy as it should be. Also, it always feels best after we get a fresh cut from our hairdressers. The same is true about your grass.
  • Always cut at 2.5 – 3” to allow for the roots to grow deep and strong down into the soil
    • What we see on the top of the grass is an exact mirror image of the root system below. If we are cutting too short the roots do not go as deep and are not as strong. This creates an environment that is less resistant to weeds, disease, and insects.

In conclusion, when in doubt wait until the next day and you won’t be sorry!