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How Can We Help Our Pollinators

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Posted on: May 16, 2023Raunie


Healthy, green spaces are an important element of our ecosystem. They provide a home for a variety of insects, plants, and animals. Most people believe that what we do here at Dr. Green is *just* focus on grass, which is true to a point. However, what I would like to focus our future energies on is a shared, diverse space on our properties.This allows our pollinators to flourish while still providing healthy and productive grass to enjoy. With the ever-growing problem of the bee and butterfly population reducing, I figured it was an appropriate time to share my passion and some tips with our readers so we can create as many productive spaces as possible to do our part in helping our environment.

Diversity Within Your Property

While most insects are a pain, we don’t want to eradicate everything. Just the turf-damaging ones that prove no environmental benefits (ahem –  chinch bugs –  ahem). What is always important to remember is that nature does not contain just one plant, a section of grass, or a shrub. But rather provides a varied array of plants so our beneficial insects can take hold and have a variety to choose from. What I mean with this is that instead of having just a lawn, why not create a space that consists of a small vegetable garden, a section of wildflowers, or lavender plants mixed in with your garden? These allow for the insects to get their food, not just from one source, but many. And that way you can still enjoy all of the unique environmental benefits that our lawns provide.

Bee Houses

Another great way to encourage our little winged friends is having a bee house. These fun projects can be a delight to create with your kiddos. Scavenging for the right kind of wood, playing with the designs, and choosing a home for it can be a fun way for the family to also get involved!

Creating a Bee Pond

Bees need water too! Have a small area dedicated and protected during the hot summer months can help save a bee’s life! A few important things to keep in mind that that often times bees drown in pools or in standing water bowls. You can prevent this by adding rocks to the container so they have somewhere to perch and have a cool drink on a summer day.

I care about the environment as much as anyone else, and my priority is to help further any education I can our in the world. Constantly learning and evolving with new information is an important factor in progress. It’s never good to get stuck “in the old way” because there is always another way to help, learn, educate and evolve. We’re all in this together!