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Mushrooms and Your Grass

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Posted on: Oct 31, 2023Raunie

Mushrooms are alive and well, especially in lawns holding moisture or are over-watered. Mushrooms are a fungus! These are an indication of water logged soil providing the perfect conditions for these plants to take hold and grow. 

Why are they popping up?

With the amount of rain we have received to date and the Fall weather to visit it has provided the perfect conditions for the mushroom to thrive.  Also, if there are trees on the property with shallow roots, mushrooms thrive in areas where they can latch onto anything that retains water in order to flourish.

What can I do about them?

While there are no controls, biological or chemical, that can or will reduce the growth of mushrooms, there are still ways to reduce the growth!  It is important to keep these points in mind.

  1. Water your lawn only during the early mornings to allow any excess moisture to dry out during the growing season.
  2. Cut your lawn regularly (weekly) and never remove more than one-third of the plant to prevent lawns from browning or causing the root system to become waterlogged.
    • While the weather cools, we know you are eager to put your tools away but be sure to keep cutting your lawn throughout the fall to ensure this moisture-filled season doesn’t backfire and produce more mushrooms.
  3. Be sure to bag your clippings to reduce excess build up preventing adequate drainage.
  4. Make sure to pick up any natural debris (i.e. sticks, leaves, etc.) as they create the perfect habitat for mushrooms to grow.
  5. Gardens, patios, or walkways that do not receive full or partial sunshine should not be over-watered. This rule will reduce or prevent moss (green slimy fungus) and mushrooms from spreading.

Are they safe to eat?

Mushrooms within your lawn or garden are not edible in any form.  In fact, they carry a risk of sickness. Please consult your local clinic if you find that a loved one has ingested any wild mushrooms on your property.

In Conclusion

Our seasons are short and we appreciate all homeowners who work with us to avoid the many conditions that can cause issues in our beautiful green spaces we all strive to achieve.