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The Importance of Annual Lawncare

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Posted on: Mar 31, 2024Raunie

The importance of annual lawncare is the key to success given all of the challenges we have in maintaining a healthy, weed free lawn. One of the main challenges as Ontario homeowners is the battle against weeds invading our lawns. This is due to the provincial legislation that was passed in 2009 banning the use of traditional weed control products from being purchased or used on residential properties. While the environmental impacts of this decision are not a bad thing, it does make our job that much more difficult to achieve the results we all desire. Which is a thick, green, weed-free healthy lawn.


There is no other way to say this, the longer you subscribe to a lawncare program (whether you purchase a plan from a professional company or choose to tackle the project on your own) the better results you will have year over year. The importance of annual lawncare is simply due to the amount of nutrients, weed suppressants and overseeding that forms the foundation of a healthy lawn. If you haven’t applied any of these beneficial services in a number of years that it will take more time for your lawn to react to the products that we are applying.


The hardest part of lawncare to communicate is that it will take time to achieve the desired results depending on the status of the lawn at the start. Your lawn is a living, breathing ecosystem that will not correct itself after one or two applications. A great analogy to consider is if you want to lose a little weight or get more in shape it is going to take more than one or two visits to the Gym in order to start seeing results. The same is true for lawncare! If the lawn is in rough shape to start with (i.e  bare spots throughout, compact soil, and predominantly weeds) that we’ve seen the lawn start to recover after a full year of professional attention but the true results become visible in the second year of lawncare.


Following the right horticultural habits when caring for your lawn is the best way to partner with your lawncare plan. Ensure you are cutting at the right height: 2.5” inches, consistently watering your lawn for at least 2-3 hours per week and applying annual overseeding. These steps combined with the right prescription of fertilizer, weed suppressant and insect management will result in a lush green lawn overtime.  By achieving this partnership, your lawn will thank you by becoming more resistant to drought stress, insect infestation and disease.


The long and the short of it is this, your vegetable plants, house plants and gardens require regular maintenance in order to grow strong and healthy and your lawn is no different! Always remember, a good rule of thumb is considering the amount of time that the lawn has suffered without these beneficial elements, it will take a longer time for the lawn to recover and react positively to the products that it needs to thrive and survive. So stick with it and you wont be sorry!