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When Can I Water My Lawn After a Service?

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Posted on: Aug 09, 2020Raunie

“When can I water my lawn after a service?” is one of the most common questions we get after one of our clients receives an application.

The Short Answer:

It is always best to water your lawn the following day to allow for the product to fully adhere to the weeds to receive the best of the application.

The Long Answer:

It is important not to water the lawn immediately after a weed control application. This is because when applying Fiesta, the leaves of the weeds require a thorough coating to penetrate and deliver the product to the root system. This effectively supresses future growth and eliminates the existing weed. So, when that coating is diluted during the drying process, it slows the progression significantly and may even stop its effectiveness completely.

Common watering practices to keep in mind throughout the growing season
  • Morning watering is always the best approach.
    • It is best to water the lawn between 5am – 9am during the growing season. This allows any excess water that hasn’t been absorbed by the soil to be evaporated by the sun, reducing the risk of any fungus or disease activity within the grass.
  • A deep watering is better than a quick drink.
    • Think about it, when you go for a run and are thirsty at the end of it, a sip of water isn’t going to quench your thirst. The same is true for your lawn. The marathon of hot and dry temperatures creates a lot of stress within the grass roots, blades and soil. Therefore, it is best to water for at least an hour each time you’re watering to fully give the lawn the drink it needs to recover after our long, hot summer days.
  • Consistent watering each week is incredibly important.
    • Our recommendation is 2 – 3 hours per week of watering. Which by following these tips should be 3 times per week in order to keep your lawn healthy and out of dormancy.
Watering and Weeds

A common misconception is that when the summer drought hits, we stop watering the lawn entirely. What this actually does is force the lawn into dormancy (which it does to protect itself). When a lawn goes dormant, it creates a thriving environment for weeds to grow as they don’t care if they have water or not. So when you think you shouldn’t be watering, please keep up with it to prevent future weeds from taking over the lawn.


In conclusion, when in doubt when faced the with question: when can I water my lawn, wait until the next day and you won’t be sorry!

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