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Why Do Lawn Maintenance:

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Posted on: Feb 17, 2022Raunie

5 Reasons To Do Lawn Maintenance Between Scheduled Appointments

If you’re someone who schedules regular appointments with a lawn care service providers, you might think there’s no maintenance that needs be done in between. However, maintenance doesn’t start and finish during these appointments. Before your next appointment, you should keep an eye on your yard to ensure it’s healthy and nourished. Here are five reasons why you should do lawn maintenance in between scheduled appointments.

1. Water Your Lawn

If you’ve booked an appointment for lawn care, you’re likely having someone come by every 10 days to two weeks. In between appointments, it’s important to ensure your lawn is getting enough water. In the spring, you’ll want to water your lawn once a week and in the summer every 3 to 4 days. Watering is a critical part of maintenance.

2. Keep An Eye On Weeds

During the summer especially, you’ll want to keep a close eye on weeds to control their growth and spread. As you wait for your next appointment, took a walk around your lawn to see if you spot any weeds that are starting to grow. Pull them from root to stem to stay ahead.

3. Rake Your Grass

Debris can accumulate on your lawn easy, especially during the growing seasons. It’s incredibly beneficial to rake your lawn every two to three days to remove any organic material that builds up. In doing so, you can help your thirsty and hungry grass keep getting the nutrients they need to thrive by removing any obstruction.

4. Stay Aware of Pests

When you’re not looking, pests ravage your grass, shrubs, and trees. Pests love to munch on grassroots and destroy their growth. As you look for weeds, also look out for any infestations that may be affecting your grass. You can do a grub or surface insect treatment in the meantime.

5. Look Out for Damage and Disease

In addition to pests and weeds, your grass can become diseased. You might find powdery mildew or brown patch. These diseases are a result of a negative condition in your yards environment. Due to the legislation restricting our use of chemical solutions so it is best to understand what changes you can do to improve a diseased lawn. Most of the time it is an excess of water that collects on the crown of the grass and festers, in this case, allowing the area to dry out can be the solution. However, Keep an eye out for any disease that is impacting your grass and call us to inquire if you don’t know how to fix it.


As a lawn care provider, we are asked for a lot of advice. The piece of information that is used the most in active lawn maintenance is partnership. By working together we can achieve a thick, green, healthy lawn and remember… a little work goes a long way!