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The Best Time of Year to do Your Lawn Renovation: Spring Lawn Renovation

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A lawn renovation is something that’s needed from time to time. Even with quality lawn care, there are going to be times when your lawn needs a little rehabilitation to get it back to its best. With that said, it’s not easy picking a time of year to get going on your lawn revamp. Doctor Green’s got your answer. Here’s why your lawn renovation should be a spring lawn renovation.

Winter’s Over

Winter can often be the most damaging season for a lawn. With your lawn having been dormant for months, withstanding extreme cold and a lack of nutrients, it’s time to wake up your lawn and get it going once more. Spring lawn renovation is the way forward as it will allow you to kill two birds with one stone.

You get to take care of your lawn at the time of year when it needs it the most and, if you coincide that care with lawn improvement, you get the best of both worlds – not only getting your lawn back to where it was but where you’ve always wanted it.

Nutrient Receptive

As a result of having not received nutrients and water for months, when your lawn wakes up for spring, it is in desperate need of both. This is another key reason for spring lawn renovation. Your lawn is already in a place where it’s looking to recover and grow. It will be extremely responsive to the care it is given. Thus, why not renovate your lawn when it’s most disposed to react to what you do to it?

Growing Season

Finally, picking up from our second reason for spring lawn renovation, it’s important to remember renovation comes easy when you have something to work with and shape. In the summer, your vegetation is grown, you can make changes to your lawn but you have to work with what you have. In the fall and winter your lawn is being prepared to go dormant or is dormant. Hence, spring is the only time of year where you can start anew and your lawn is really primed for growth, so you can hone it however you feel best.

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